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New OrionLodubyal Scifi and Horror Art, and Writing Projects in 2020!

OrionLodubyal - your source for all my Science Fiction, Horror and Pop Culture Art
So here's the scoop on all things OrionLodubyal in 2020:
For Patreon Subscribers/Ko-Fi & PayPal Donors Only: Starting in 2020, and including my 2019 Patreon, Ko-Fi and PayPal subscribers and donors, I will be sending out physical thank you notes with quotes, stickers, doodles and all sorts of silliness. And yes, I'm sending them internationally, too. 
If I don't already have your address, and you'd like a New Year's Thank You card - please message me through Patreon, Ko-Fi, PayPal or here, and I'll get one in the mail to you. Do specify your particular fandom favorites and I'll try to create something custom to your preference. :)

What's coming in 2020 

(Subscribers/Donors Only) More galleries of Behind-the-Scenes photos, obscure reference materials for fans, fan fiction readers, writers and  for fan artists - particularly in Star Trek, but other franchises as well.
(Public) The Expanse series - my latest obsession is Season 4 of The Expanse, and I'm going to share some of my process for 3 commissions I've completed.
(Subscribers/Donors Only) I'll also be sharing some WIPs for a new Hannibal commission - Hannibal characters as Universal Studios Classic Monsters. 
New franchise partnerships I'll be entering early next year:
  • Penny Dreadful City of Angels
  • Picard (obviously)
  • Ghostbusters Afterlife
  • Denis Villeneuve's Dune remake, and Dune: The Sisterhood spin-off series.

Behind the Scenes / Tutorials that have been requested (Hopefully some of these by the end of the week):
  • (Subscribers/donors only) Already Posted!: My Phone/Tablet to Desktop to Publish art process. From the limitations of apps to the prepping for Print-on-Demand platforms.
  • POD platforms keys to success.
  • Why Zazzle is the opposite of other Print-on-Demand sites.

A Book! Probably.

(Subscribers/Donors Only - if there is interest) January will be focused a little less on art and more on finishing my (might be) Star Trek (Pre-Deep Space Nine, Terok Nor) Novel. If there is any interest, I'll post updates about my progress, my process, themes, references and characters in blog posts here and nowhere else.
If my query/draft gets rejected by Simon & Schuster, then it will be a science fiction novel altered to remove defining character and place names. Is this glorified fan fiction? Yep. But most franchise fiction is. Plus this has pirates (because: Orions), smugglers and spies. There will also be a "PG-13" version and, if this isn't picked up by S&S, then I'm putting the sex (because Deltans) and drugs back in, and it'll be an "R" sort of book. 
Another note about the novel - this will be slightly harder fiction than a lot of Star Trek books. I'm trying not to weigh down the plot too much but since I have an opportunity to work outside of the Federation, the biology, economics and some of the tech will be a little more specific than the "Star Trek" magic usually is.

More Giveaways:

The Social Medias: I'm approaching 100 followers on Instagram (@I_am_Orionlodubyal) and 500 on Twitter (@orionlodubyal) and when I hit those marks, I'll be doing a random (international) drawing from followers to send an art print of their choice. So if you're on those socials, be sure to follow me!
Patreon/Ko-Fi/Paypal Subscribers/Supporters Only: For every ten supporters, I'll hold another random drying giveaway of an art print or t-shirt of choice from my shop. This will be international as well.
If you're not already following me for my Science Fiction, Horror and Pop Culture are, check me out here:
 My art can be found for sale here:

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