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New Year, New Projects Part 3: Mad Scientist

Ok technically this isn't an entirely new project. I'm a Hannibal fan and a horror movie junkie, so I'm always making horror art. But last year, and the year before that, my number one selling artwork was my Young Frankenstein "Abby Someone" Brain in a Jar .  I have over 500 designs in my RB shop - and I sell a few of those brains in jars every month . I don't know who's buying them, but I love them all. Young Frankenstein is one of my favorite movies to this day, and I watch it at least twice a year.  (The design is here if you're curious: )  Anyway, that got me thinking about mad scientists and horror movies, and maybe combining that with Steampunk, and then well . . .  the experiments began! More brains in jars, hearts and lungs with machine parts and even a heart with a little bit of "alien autopsy" thrown in.  I'm

New Year, New Projects Part 2: More Concept Art

My two favorite art styles, when it comes to sci-fi and horror, are HR Giger's Alien style, and just about anything Steampunk. Last year I started looking at ways to integrate that into more of my art, but I was having a hard time working them into my established fandom stuff. I'd always been hesitant to create general, non-fandom sci-fi, or concept art because I just don't have a lot of experience creating it. Too much of that blank canvas problem. I didn't know where to begin.  So, I did what I always do and looked for inspiration by talking to friends. I watched Alien again. And then I checked out Chernobyl with Jared Harris (which I strongly recommend.) I started listening to more cybersecurity podcasts because I have friends who work in that field. Then the ideas came faster than I could make the arts!  From top left to bottom right:  1. Grunge Motherboard 2. Giger Style Alien Space Ship Interior (gray) (1) 3. Giger Style Alien Space Ship Interior (neon) (2) 4. The

New Year, New Projects Part 1: Fantasy Textures

I t started with a request for dragon scales, in particular for a phone case. I came up with some pretty nice vector renders, but they were very, well, regular. Too consistent. Reptile scales, particularly larger reptiles, have more variance in size, depth, color and shape. So I've been working on my process and creating more organic looking textures for my dragon textures. Eventually I hope to have a full color and metal palette. I'm up to 10 so far - six of which are shown. I like combining the colors with gold or silver because shiny is always better.  What do y'all think? Any suggestions? Or color requests?  All of the scales and animal textures I have to date here: