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So Much News! Orions! The Prisoner! More Mads! Gorn!

Hellooooo everyone! Thank you for being so patient! I've been working so hard to get new products up that I haven't been updating, so today's entry is going to be big! First, I have the new Star Trek Orions Collection up on RedBubble , with more designs coming soon. The "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" design is for an Orion Dabo girl at Quarks in one of the DS9 Pocket Novels who is seen wearing a "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" shirt. I laughed so hard at that, I decided to make the design so I could make a shirt for myself! My three "The Prisoner" designs were approved by the brand copyright holder, ITV, and are approved for sale! I also finally found the original Hannibal and Polar artwork in the larger sizes to upload - rather than just the social media smaller sizes I'd had. So those designs have been updated and added too!  There are also a few new designs added (below the collage.) Please do keep i