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Get a Thank You Gift for Supporting My Art

Samples of the Thank You gifts (Hannibal, Deep Space Nine and The Expanse

Have my art? Getting some? Post a pic and tag me! (If you've already posted a pic, send me the link to the post.)

If you don't have my art, but you made a donation to my PayPal, bought me a Ko-Fi, or subscribed to my Patreon? Message me the details.

To say thank you, I'll send you:
  • A hand written thank you card
  • doodle/sketch
  • Stickers
  • Wisdom for life quote from your selected show/movie/book on a wallet card
  • Trivia from your chosen subject
Available physically (with postal address) or digitally delivered with an email address.

Last year was a rough year and making art for my friends got me through it. To say thank you, and to help me create more art - I'm running a thank you campaign for all of 2020 starting January 1st.

For those who participate, I will mail thank you cards which which will include:
  • An inspirational or wisdom for life quote from the fandom you choose (see list below.)
  • A piece of obscure trivia about the same that is hopefully entertaining and new to you.
  • Stickers!! These will be from all kinds of sources - other artists, my stickers, cons, loot crates etc. (*)
  • A scribble that may or may not look like something, and a sincere, handwritten thank you for encouraging me as an artist. (**)

To participate and get a thank you note and miscellaneous goodies, all you have to do is:
  • Post a picture of my art in its new home. (***)
  • Donate any amount to my Ko-Fi, or PayPal, or become a Patron on my Patreon at any tier.

I will either need your physical address that you want the card sent to, or an email address if you'd prefer a digital version. --> I will not reuse or keep any address or email information after I confirm you've received the card. <--

BEHIND THE SCENES  (or "Some Other Reasons I'm Doing This"

* I have loot!  I recently inherited an enormous quantity of stickers and paraphernalia from a cousin who is no longer "in to that kind of thing" (can you even???) So I have stickers from Star Wars, Star Trek, Halloween, Beetlejuice and a bunch of random mash-ups. These stickers need to be out in the world with other people that love them, not stuffed into a box - so I'm sharing them all with fans and supporters of my work. What I do NOT have is the artists' names. So if you get stickers and recognize the artist - please, please, please let me know so I can tag them.

** I have to use it, or I might lose it. Another, more personal, reason I'm doing handwritten notes and drawings is because I have Multiple Sclerosis and I'm starting to lose some of my manual dexterity. My digital tools are a great assist in my art, but if I don't practice my writing and drawing by hand, I will lose more and more of my ability. So this is a way for me to practice and say thank you at the same time.

*** A Quality Control Angle For those who post pictures of art they bought from one of my stores, you're giving me a way to look at how my art is turning out on actual products. I always order samples of at least some of my art, but I can't afford to get one of each item. If there are problems with how something is turning out on a t-shirt vs, how the print or sticker looks, I might never know it. Which leads me to another request - if something turns out not-so-great - please let me know. Let the store know so you can get a refund or exchange - but let me know too. There may need to be an adjustment to the design.

List of Fandoms to choose from (feel free to pick more than one.)
  • Star Trek (specify preferred series if you have one)
  • Star Wars - even though I don't have art for purchase available yet, it is in the works. (Specify which movie or series.)
  • Hannibal (TV, books, or Movies?)
  • Penny Dreadful (2014 and the upcoming City of Angels)
  • The Prisoner
  • The Expanse
  • Mads Mikkelsen (specify movie)
  • Classic Horror Characters (specify which monster)
  • Good Omens

So thank you again, for every message, every kind word, retweet and share of my art. You have made my world a much brighter place.


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