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So Much New Stuff!

My original sub-shops (collections) are full of new work and several older designs have been updated with larger, higher quality images I recovered off an old drive.

And I have several new shops that are getting new designs almost every day!

When I'm stressed, I create art as a way of coping and boy, oh boy, have I been stressed. So the good news is that's been a very productive time for me! The other good news is that more of my art has been approved into fan art partnerships by the brands, so I have more fandom stuff up! I have officially approved artwork up for Star Trek, Penny Dreadful, and The Prisoner. More are in queue for approval. I load new designs every couple of days, usually a few at a time, so check back frequently -- and be sure to follow me!

While my entire portfolio is on, I've also pushed my top sellers over to Society6 and TeePublic - so check prices between sites when shopping. One of them is almost always on sale. Also, the trick of signing in, loading up your cart then leaving the site to get coupons emailed to you, works really well. Society6 and TeePublic in particular send out "abandoned shopping cart" coupons pretty consistently.

In January and February, I'll be posting my designs on Threadless, TeeSpring and ArtStation as well.

NOTE: One place you will never find my art is on Amazon. If you see my designs there, they have been stolen. I'd really appreciate a heads-up here on Twitter if anyone spots my designs there.

The Black Friday craziness is going to hit all of the sites like mad, so all artists are loading new designs as quickly as they can. I encourage everyone to consider shopping with these platforms as a way to not only give really unique, thoughtful gifts to friends and family, but to support indie artists. With the sales going on, your holiday gift giving will be pretty inexpensive and you'll be helping artists keep doing what they love most - creating art for their followers and fans!

All of my links are at the top of the page so be sure to check them out. I welcome feedback here, and on DeviantArt - RedBubble also has an email system - so let me know what you'd like to see!


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